Last update: 20 October 2020

Welcome to the Delivery, Refunds & Cancellation Policy of Goosty Services (“Goosty”).

Delivery Fees

You must pay the delivery fee for any order placed. The delivery fee is indicated when the user create a shopping cart and it may vary depending on your geographic position.

Payment terms

Goosty accepts payments through card (Debit/Credit card) on the platform. You must ensure that you have sufficient funds on your credit and debit card to fulfil payment of an Order. Goosty reserves the right to offer additional payment methods and/or remove existing payment methods at anytime in its sole discretion


Refunds are possible when the food is delayed of more of 1 hour You have the right to request a refund for a Order only if the food is delivered after 1 hour starting from your delivery time. 

Incorrect instructions

You are required to submit correct order instructions. Neither Goosty nor the Vendor shall be responsible to replace or refund an Order which does not conform to special instructions provided by you. 


Orders cannot be cancelled once placed. You understand that no refunds (whether in whole or in part) will be issued to you and you forfeit the delivery of your cancelled Order. 

No-show Cancellations 

If you remain uncontactable or fail to receive the Order within ten (10) minutes from the time the Order arrives at your delivery address, Goosty reserves the right to cancel the Order without refund or remedy to you. 


If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email at